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“Confidence is the only key. I know a lot of people who aren’t traditionally ‘beautiful’ — not symmetrical or perfect-bodied or perfect-skinned. But none of that matters because all that shines through is their confidence, humor and comfort with themselves. I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself." ~Emma Stone

This post is sort of a spin off from my last one. In my last post I talked at the end about showing yourself respect, and I though it would be good to remind all the women out there that they are beautiful.

So I have this love/hate relationship with pinterest. I love it because it gives me beautiful words to use on my blog, and I hate it because it gives girls an unreal expectation of life. All of these quotes have come from my "Beautiful Words" board... click on the link to read more good stuff.

We have many reasons to love ourselves: We are children of God, we have many talents to offer others, we have the ability to overcome our weaknesses and become strong, and we have the potential to someday become like God. 

We are children of God, and when we do not love ourselves, we are not respecting the things God has created. 
When we dislike ourselves we are often depressed and frustrated. We are less able to serve the Lord.
A person who does not love herself is usually less able to love other people fully or understand how others can love her.
When a person dislikes herself, she sometimes tries to make herself feel accepted and loved by lowering her standards to please other people. 

"What makes a woman beautiful? The world tries to convince us that cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, fashionable clothing, diets, and even surgery are necessary for beauty. While some of these fashion aids are desirable and lovely, they can change only surface appearances.
The gospel teaches us that true beauty is more than skin-deep. A young woman whose countenance is aglow with both happiness and virtue radiates inner beauty."

The beholder is the one who gazes, perceives, sees and understands. The beholder is the one who determines what beautiful is—to him or her.
Are you the beholder of your own beauty?
Who determines how you see yourself and how you feel about who you are?
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Overweight, underweight, crazy hair, puffy eyes, dry skin, oily skin, fashionable, frumpy? All shapes and imperfections are part of what makes you … you, beautiful beyond our grasp.
Can you see how beautiful you are?
When you think of your amazing life, what do you remember?
Triumphs and achievements, loss and defeat, success and failure, rejection and acceptance? All are a reflection in the mirror of your mind—of your inner strength and enduring splendor.
Do you remember how beautiful you are?
When you sail through your days, do you feel how beautiful you are?
Angry, sad, happy, elated, tired, joyful, energized, depressed, scared, courageous? All are felt through you and by you. Each emotion is nothing but a drop in the limitless ocean that is you—the experiencer, the feeler.
Can you feel how beautiful you are?
When you listen to the sound of your soul, what do you hear?
You are the space in which stillness breathes and silence talks. You are the gap between thoughts and the thoughts between words. You are the exceptional and the mundane. You are all and you are none.
You are the vastness of awareness through which life expresses itself.
Do you hear how beautiful you are?
To be one with life, you need to be one with you—to accept how beautiful you are, to transcend opinions, definitions, standards and otherness.
For you are the love of life.
And when you know how beautiful you are, you behold the truth of all there is—our oneness. You become one with now, and one with all of creation.

We are all uniquely beautiful. 
We are all daughters of our Heavenly Father. 
Our body and personality are gifts from him.
 Love yourself. 
If you dont, who will? 

love, ash


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