Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas! and a wedding

I know I am a little late blogging about Christmas but I have either been busy this week, or too lazy haha! 
I had a wonderful Christmas! Soo much fun, and Santa did VERY good this year ;)

Christmas Eve was spent at my sister's new home. 
They built the cutest house ever this past spring and one of these days
 I AM going to go out and take pictures. 
It is a little bit country, cozy, and still modern. 
My family does this thing where we all sleep in the same room Christmas Eve, we used to be able to all sleep in one bed, but thank goodness we don't do that anymore.
 5 sisters + my brother-in-law + a niece + a nephew
would be WAY too much to handle. 
So we settled on all sleeping together in the loft/family room instead.

Luckily Santa was able to find us, and my 6 yr old nephew, Ty, was
 SUPER DUPER excited. 
Chrissa, my niece, loved her gifts. Unwrapping presents is her forte though. 
See the little blue kitchen in the background? Danielle (the big sis) saw all the cute homemade kitchens on Pinterest and knew that Chrissa would absolutely love one. She did. Chris (the big brother-in-law) spent the week before Christmas making it. 

Danielle & Chris have been married for almost 7 years! 
After deciding to NOT do gifts for each other Chris surprised Dani with a 
diamond band to replace the band she already had. 
After we opened Santa gifts and had breakfast we went back to the 
parentals to open gifts they had given us.

 I think my parents are making fun of us girls in these pictures about us getting excited over gifts haha.

 I didn't want to miss out on a photo op so when my sisters were posing
with new blankets they received, I grabbed my sister's new saddle blanket
and hopped in the picture.
 Yes, my mom is crying in this picture. We are that good! 
For Christmas we all gave my parents a book that we made.
 It showed pics of them & us growing up, weddings, family vacations,
and all sorts of other stuff. 
Ever Year my family takes pictures in our new church clothes. 
 But of course my family can never take anything too seriously.

 I know you can't really see anything in this picture but that is basically the point. 
This picture is of me and my sister Amanda, playing with Ty's lightsabers. 
She dominated me.
 The day after Christmas my family rode the Front Runner
down to Salt Lake for my cousin's wedding.
We have rode it before, but this time we decided to play hide-n-seek on the train,

Unfortunately all of the pictures from the wedding dinner Monday night are on my sisters camera, in Logan. So you don't get any. Sorry.
But I do have a few pics of us on the temple grounds Tuesday morning. 

 We had some time to kill between the ceremony and the reception so of course 
we went swimming at the hotel.
 Yes, this is a picture of us trying to look pregnant haha.
Actually, Danielle is pregnant with #4 :)
 but you can barely tell, the bubbles from the jets help though.
 I was so excited when we got to the reception and I saw this! 
Don't ya just love missionary cardboard cutouts?
My cousin Landon is currently serving in the England Manchester Mission. 
He gets home in June & I am very excited. 

Isn't she the cutest ever?

I know I have more pictures somewhere but this post is already a million miles long!
Hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love ash
Sunday, December 25, 2011

For My Dad

My Dad

There will always be a special place in my life for my dad...
He has taught me to stand up for what I believe in and I have seen 
him go out of his way many times to help others.
He has given me roots and wings so I can fly.
He has taught me to reach for the stars and follow my dreams.
I honestly have the best dad in the whole world, 
and Today is his birthday! 
Happy Birthday Dad!

All my life my dad has done everything he could to be at every dance review, every piano recital, all of the games I cheered at, all my competitions. 
Hours and hours and hours of his time has been spent sitting at dance reviews so he could watch me and my sisters for a little two minute dance, never did I hear him complain. 
My dad's job makes it so he is gone quite a bit, so I have learned to love the times that he is home. Now that I no longer live at home, family time has become even more important to me. 

I have so many wonderful memories of my dad.
 Letting all of my sisters and I ride on his back as he crawled around the basement floor with us. Going boating all summer long. 
Putting hair clips in his hair while he "pretended to sleep". 
The AMAZING vacations he has taken us on. Building GIANT snow piles in the yard for us to sled down.And there are many, many more. 

I know I was definitely NOT a perfect child, I caused a lot of grief and havoc for my parents. But no matter what I did, 
I knew that I was always loved.

I am so very grateful for my father.
 He is dependable, loving, kind.
 He laughs, he jokes, he teases. 
He puts me in my place, and keeps me level headed. 
He loves my mom and treats her with amazing respect.
I only hope that one day I will find a man as great as he is.
I couldn't ask for a better father.

Love you dad! Happy Birthday!

love always,  #3

P.S. Merry Christmas everybody! I hope your day was as great as mine!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Harry Potter Kick

So I have kinda been on a Harry Potter kick lately. 
Yes, I am embracing my inner nerd haha.
 I found all these pictures on Pinterest the other day with my roommates and we have been
 laughing all weekend at them and wanted to share. 
My sisters and I are having a Harry Potter movie marathon this week as
 soon as they get out of school and I am so excited!!

Last night all of my sisters slept out at my sister's home and my
 brother-in-law, Chris, pulled out his secret stash of Roman Candles.
Of course we decided to have a Harry Potter war and shoot them at each other. 
Yes, we were yelling spells and curses at each other the whole time & getting the biggest kick ever!
Enjoy these funny pictures!

(Sing to the tune of: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard)

 Friends meets Harry Potter

 Sirius Black

I like twilight but this is SOOOO true!