Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Riggin!

It is absolutely crazy how fast time goes by. Exactly 3 years ago today my sister Danielle her husband Chris had a still-born little boy. She was about 8 months along and it devastated my family. But it also brought my family closer in a way that nothing else ever could. 

God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom, but we simply have to trust his will.

“Joseph Smith taught the doctrine that the infant child that was laid away in death would come up in the resurrection as a child; and, pointing to the mother of a lifeless child, he said to her: ‘You will have the joy, the pleasure, and satisfaction of nurturing this child, after its resurrection, until it reaches the full stature of its spirit.’ There is restitution, there is growth, there is development, after the resurrection from death. I love this truth. It speaks volumes of happiness, of joy and gratitude to my soul. Thank the Lord he has revealed these principles to us.”  And so we should understand, in the words of Joseph Smith, that “the only difference between the old and young dying is, one lives longer in heaven [the spirit world] and eternal light and glory than the other, and is freed a little sooner from this miserable wicked world. Notwithstanding all this glory, we for a moment lose sight of it, and mourn the loss, but we do not mourn as those without hope.” 
-Dale C. Mouritsen
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I am so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that one day I will get to meet my little nephew. I am also grateful for all the blessings that my family received from this trial. Riggin is definitely a blessing to my family, an angel to watch over us. 

Happy Birthday Riggin!!

love, ash