The Joys Of Being A Girl ;)

I really do Love being a girl.
I get to play dress up and play with make-up.

Every morning we have dance parties in the bathroom 
getting ready for school.

I can talk about a certain boy all I want and it’s totally
fine because that’s what girls do ;) 

 I get to play in the kitchen
and make treats, then my roommates and I can eat it all
 by ourselves and talk about everything that girls love!

My roommates and I get to make Super high quality music videos ;)
-Don't judge us!

BUT… there is one girl thing that I have a
serious love/hate relationship with.


I don't know why but clothing stores must HATE me! 
I walk into a store and usually fall in love with everything. 
Guess what though? 
is always too expensive for my 
little college budget!
Then, we also have the problem with things NEVER fitting the way we want. I tried on 12 pairs of pants last weekend before I finally found some that fit me! 
12 PAIRS! 
And that isn't even a high number for me. 
Once I went through 20 jeans before I found a pair!
Plus I may be the cheapest person in the whole wide world and I hate spending money unless I absolutely have to, which I tell you what makes shopping really hard! 

Last weekend while my family and I were in St. George my lovely mother decided that I was in need of a serious shopping trip. :) 
Isn't she great? 

p.s. It's her 35th Birthday today ;) hehe! Happy Birthday to the Best Mom Ever!!!!

I really was in need of new clothes though! I had a list
of clothing items that I knew I would need before the 

Soo.... off we head into the world of all too
 expensive jeans and rip off shirts. 
We shopped all morning and by the time we finally took a lunch break I was about ready to break down and cry. seriously. I couldn't find any decently priced clothes that fit!

For some strange reason we decided to go back out after lunch.

Oh boy am I glad we did! 
I basically hit the jackpot on round 2!
I wanted to cry once again because I actually found clothes! Happiness!!

I found these:

Jeans :) each pair ONLY $20 
a very cute new coat, which was 40% off!!!

So as horrible and disappointing as it started out to be, it did end well, and it was a VERY fun, relaxing trip!


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