Hawaii with my best friend. What could be better?
Kylee and I flew out to Kona, which is on the big island, during the middle of finals week in December.
Normally I write a lot on my blog, but today I am feeling lazy so with minimal text here is a recap of our amazing trip.

Every night we went to the beach and watched the sunset. 
I probably have over 30 pictures of different sunsets!

Ky and I had intended to go stay with her family who have a house in Kona.
We got there and Penny, Ky's family, told us we could stay in their 
2 bed/2 bath condo for free the whole week!!
The condo was amazing and was right across the street from 
both Penny's house and the best beach in Kona!

Everywhere we went we asked the locals where we should eat. This place was awesome.
Super small with TONS of food! 

Our second day we explored the top half of the island and drove over to Hilo. 
I loved seeing all the sights of the island. It was beautiful.
Our pictures don't do it justice.

^this picture killed me. I died laughing.

Kona Christmas Parade. Yeah, that really happened.

The Painted Church. 
I should have taken these pictures with a real camera instead of my phone.
oh well. This place was beautiful. 

I don't know why my hair went red underwater.
I guess I really just want to be more like Ariel.


Somewhere I have a lot more pictures but I can't find them. :/
I am seriously so glad that we went on this trip. 
It was the perfect way to end my college career.

Now that I have started work I have realized how precious your time in college is.
Work is crazy and busy and stressful and terrifying and exhausting haha.
I apologize to everyone who has called or text me and I haven't responded this week. 
I will get better! maybe ;)

I will try to write more about work in my next post, if I can ever find the time!
For now enjoy these pictures and imagine you are somewhere warm! 

love, ash


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